You’ll Be a Success

January 13, 2014

I didn’t go to work today.  Or rather I didn’t go to work today.  But I did go to work.  On my sofa.  I was prepared this time.  Of course, I kind of planned on not going into the office when I left on Friday.  I had originally planned to take today off altogether, but what with two snow days last week…  Well, we’ll just say there was too much work for me to justify taking the day off simply because I had a dentist appointment at 8.

I really wish I could convince HR that I should work from home frequently.  What they fail to understand is that when I’m working from home, I’m working pretty much the entire time.  When I’m working at the office?  Well, it all depends on the day.  But what I really love the best about working from home is that I have this nasty habit of waking up way too early.  And if it’s a day I’m working from home, I just get up and work for a couple of hours.  And then I get dressed and make coffee and all of those sorts of things.  Today I worked until 2:15.  Even taking out time for my dentist appointment and lunch (yes, I have a spreadsheet timecard that I “punch in” and “punch out” on), I worked more than 7 hours today.

I decided not to go to work today for two reasons.  Or really one reason, I guess.  Or three, maybe.  It all depends on how you choose to count.  But the main reason was my dentist appointment.  Just an ordinary cleaning.  (My teeth were perfect as always.  Thank you, fluoride!)  But the last time I went to the dentist, I was pregnant.  And at the DD Conference about six years ago, one of our keynote speakers talked about PTSD and how one of the things that happens is that you need to coddle yourself.  Someone without PTSD nearly gets in an accident and is shaken but still okay to continue on with their day.  Someone with PTSD nearly gets in an accident and needs to go home and take a hot bath and drink some cocoa to resume functioning normally.  And while the dentist isn’t at all traumatic to me, I still didn’t know how hard (or easy) it might be to go to this first appointment post-Sofia.  So I decided going home where I could take a hot bath and drink some cocoa if necessary was a good idea.

The day has turned out to be pretty okay.  I’ve worked.  I’ve houseworked.  I’ve played.  My mom is on her way so that we can go for a walk before dinner.  Then I’ll watch Downton Abbey and knit the next part of the mystery KAL.  I’m glad I stayed home.  Going into the office really might have been too much stress.  But I’m glad that I structured my day the way I did.  Even though I now and then think about the fact that Sofia would have been four months old today, it’s been an okay day.

P.S.  Bonus points if you can figure out why I titled this post the way I did.  Double bonus points if you can figure it out and you’re not a music theatre geek.


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