No Joy in Mudville

January 14, 2014

Last week, I said that the Downton Abbey KAL was making me happy.  It is no longer making me happy.  It has become quite frustrating.  Or maybe I should say that it became quite frustrating.  It no longer is.  I’ve frogged it.

Reason #1:  Truth in advertising.  I was looking forward to a pattern that had such clues as “each time Branson has a drink, do X; each time Daisy tries to flirt with Alfred, do Y”.  And then you’d have to watch, and you’d wind up with a pattern that was something like “X-X-Y-X-Y-X-X”.  (Branson is Irish.  Yeah, that’s it.)  That’s not what we got for week 2.  The week 2 clues were for incidents that happened once, not recurring things.  A lot less amusing than I’d expected based on the week 1 description.

Reason #2:  Errata.  Or rather the lack thereof.  I’ve been knitting for 30 years.  I kind of know how to do it.  I kind of know when things aren’t right.  But the thing about experienced knitters is that we still make mistakes.  We just have a tendency to make them bigger and longer than beginner knitters.  We’ll muleheadedly plough on even though we know something is wrong because we’re experienced; we know what we’re doing.  Well, I should have listened to myself on row 3 of prompt 1 when I thought that there was something wrong with the pattern.  I shouldn’t have waited until the second repeat of row 3 (when it was still wrong) to decide that it was really wrong.  There is an error in the pattern.  Vast numbers of knitters on Ravelry agree.  I Googled the stitch.  Most of the hits I found were on the Ravelry forum discussing this very pattern.

Reason #3:  200 stitches at the cast on?  And then you increase?  And keep increasing?  Really?!?  That part of the pattern appears to be correct.  But what this means is that by the end of week 2, you’ve increased to about 300 stitches.  Do you know how long it takes to knit 300 stitches?  I didn’t knit all 8 rows of prompt 1, and I watched Downton Abbey, The Simpsons, and Revenge.  That’s 2.5 hours of knitting, and I didn’t make it through 8 rows.  It’s too much knitting to do during Downton Abbey, and there’s other knitting I’d like to be doing during my non-Downton viewing.  (I kind of have a sweater that’s almost ready for the sleeves to be joined…  Like, I might have another new sweater by the end of January.  That is if the Downton Abbey KAL weren’t so massive.)

So there was no way I was going to leave the work as it was.  And there were far too many stitches on the needles to just tink back to where it was correct.  So I frogged it.  I’m giving it one more week.  With massive modification.  I will redo weeks 1 and 2.  But I’m casting on 80 stitches, not 200.  And then I’ll see what week 3 brings.  And if week 3 is anything like week 2, well, the yarn has a lovely home waiting for it in the stash.



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2 responses to “No Joy in Mudville

  1. Maria

    I was just telling Rhy about the knit along thing last week (because we were watching Downton). How did it end up?

    • LOL! All I have to say is keep reading. I can’t recall exactly which week I decided that it wasn’t worth the perfectly good yarn that could make a lovely something-else that I would actually like or at least like enough to bestow upon another person.

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