January 17, 2014

I know that yesterday I said I’d felt rather blah this week, but it really hasn’t been all bad.  Good thing I’ve been keeping track of what’s making me happy this week.  Thinking about it makes me say that this week has actually been okay.

  1. lolmythesis.  OMG.  LOL.  And I don’t use LOL lightly.  I regularly laugh out loud as I read these posts.  Thus far, I think my favorite is this one from January 10:  The only way we’ll really know anything about how scribes learned to write and copy is by building a time machine, but that is beyond the scope of this project. (Medieval Studies, The University of Leeds.)
  2. Kazoo Books is in the process of completing my Cherry Ames collection.  I picked up eight books after work on Tuesday and they’ve ordered six more and are searching for affordable copies of the rest.
  3. I got the new cover for my iPad.  It is everything I hoped it would be and then some.  It included a keyboard, and I already have a keyboard, so I wasn’t terribly thrilled at winding up with two.  Yeah… this is a nice keyboard.  And while it is removable, it fits so nicely and is so light that I haven’t bothered to take it out.  Which means I have a keyboard whenever I need one.  Posting on Facebook?  No problem!  Texting my mom?  Easy as pie!  Adding events to my planner?  A breeze!  I was feeling a little empty-handed having switched to using my iPad as my planner.  This cover is everything I’d look for in a planner cover.  I feel much better now.
  4. I know you’re probably getting sick of hearing about this (especially since you’ll read this post in April), but snowshoeing is making me happy!  It had warmed up.  (Mid-January thaw, anyone?)  So the snow had melted some.  But it started snowing again a couple of days ago, and my mom and I went out on the KRVT today.  There was wonderful powder.  We were pleased to see ski tracks, so we weren’t the first people to enjoy that stretch of the trail.  And it was just so beautiful.  The snow and the trees and the air.  I had missed snowshoeing the past several days.  It was glorious to be back at it.  (We rocked today, too.  Did a mile in 20 minutes, including some decent hills.)
  5. Friends old and new.  (One is silver and the other’s gold…)  And this week, especially some old friends.  I mean friends I haven’t seen in years.  And I love how with true friends like these we could go for a decade without seeing each other and feel like we saw each other yesterday.  (Okay, Facebook may have something to do with that…)  Clare had an open house, and we realized that the last time we saw each other, we were protesting the invasion of Iraq.  That would be before we invaded Iraq.  But we have been friends for so long that it didn’t matter.  I love that relationships like this exist.

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