The Sky Is a Hazy Shade of Winter

January 27, 2014

It’s still winter here.  And it’s another bitterly cold day.  Another day that everyone closed.  Another day that all of us who work at WMed can point out that we don’t actually work for WMU.  If we worked for WMU, we could have stayed home where it was warm.  Okay, my office was perfectly warm.  Getting there, on the other hand, not so much.

Someone else had walked down the path from my building to my carport.  And it wasn’t the rabbit.  (I’m hoping the rabbit stayed snug in its warren.)  Unfortunately for me, this trailblazer was, well, tall.  So I could almost walk in their footsteps without falling down, but from time to time, they were just too far apart.  And then I reached the spot where the snow had drifted.  It was definitely over two feet deep, well up my thigh.  Nearly crotch-height, to be honest.

And when I got to my car, I needed to shovel the snow that had been plowed in front of it.  And it was so windy that the carport had offered minimal protection overnight.  Yes, I needed to clean off my car.

And the roads were terrible, of course.  And the other drivers were idiots.  They were going too fast and driving too close for the conditions.  Visibility was minimal due to the blowing snow.  But what really pissed me off on the commute was this.  It was 6:45am.  You know who’s on the road at 6:45am?  Commuters.  People who drive this route Every Single Day.  And yet, when I got to a major intersection multiple drivers suddenly realized they were in the wrong lane.  One even crossed from the left lane across the right lane to get to the right-hand-turn lane.  It was as if they thought the snow had magically changed the number of lanes.  Yes, I was very happy to be behind all of these people so that I could keep an eye out for more idiotic moves.

But the lot at work was mostly plowed, and I appear to have parked someplace that other people thought seemed reasonable.  I was the first car, so I got to set the standard.

The plan for after work was that I would go to my parents’ for dinner because it’s far too cold to go out snowshoeing today.  When I left my office, multiple friends had posted on Facebook about how bad the roads were, so I opted to just come home instead.  The sidewalks have been cleared.  On my way in, I paused near the deepest drift to lean my leg against it so that there would be a line of snow I could measure.  That line measured 24”.  Two feet.

Work was okay.  I kept busy trying to get the schedule/brochure/references/bios/database set up for the DD Conference.  (I really could have used about five monitors on my computer today.)

And I played the dead baby card.  I have this speaker who keeps emailing me to complain about how she thought she was supposed to be presenting, but she doesn’t see her name on the schedule, so could I please confirm.  And I keep writing back to explain that the schedule hasn’t been published yet.  If she’s looking at anything online, it’s from 2013, which is why it says “2013” in the name and on the front page and everyplace the date is mentioned.  And I explain that I was on an extended leave this fall, so we’re behind on finalizing the schedule, but she is slated to present.  Got another email from her today.  It was written very snippily about how there must have been a miscommunication because she thought she was supposed to present but she’s not on the schedule (again, it clearly says 2013), so she needs to know if she should keep working on her presentation.  And it was just one too many times to hear this complaint.  I’m stressed enough as it is.  You want to know why there’s not a schedule?  Fine.  I’ll tell you why.  But be warned that you’re going to feel about a half an inch tall when I’m done.  I wrote back “I was on an extended leave this fall following the stillbirth of my daughter.”

In case you’re wondering, I haven’t heard back from her yet.  I think maybe, just maybe, she read my reply this time.


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