Random Happiness

January 31, 2014

  • I know you’re probably getting tired of hearing this, but snowshoeing is making me happy!  The weather was rather abysmal this week.  It was bitterly cold for several days.  On Tuesday, my fingers were numb and I’d barely made it out of the parking lot.  This made me happy on Wednesday when my fingers didn’t get numb until half-way to work.  Needless to say, my mom and I did not snowshoe many days this week.  But we went out today and absolutely smoked the west side of Markin Glen Park.  We did a mile in 20 minutes.  And we’re talking trudging through two feet of snow in some places.  (Contrary to what we are led to believe, snowshoes do not enable one to walk on top of the snow.  One still sinks pretty far.)  We even climbed up about two-thirds of what was once intended to be the toboggan run.  And it was a blast!
  • The Olympics are starting soon.  And my family is celebrating as we know how.  My parents just bought a new TV, so they once again will be able to watch things on air.  Maybe even the Super Bowl on Sunday.  Or not.  But the Olympics, definitely.  And when Stephanie is next on Jeopardy!  And I’ve ordered one to be shipped to my Meijer’s.  Just waiting for the text that it’s in.  I should have it before the Olympics start next Friday.
  • The following comedy of errors that I posted on my Facebook page:

1. Fax has run out of toner.
2. Fax is so old that proper cartridge isn’t listed in supply book.
3. Email IT to find out what cartridge should be ordered.
4. Email IT asking why we haven’t heard yet what cartridge should be ordered.
5. Hear back from IT that the question had been answered but I hadn’t been copied. Sorry, thought I’d gotten the email with the answer. Here’s what to order.
6. Order the cartidge.
7. Wait two days for cartridge to be delivered.
8. Gleefully run down to storeroom to get cartridge so that we can print the pages and pages of faxes that were received while we were out of toner.
9. Install cartridge.
10. Try to close door. Door won’t close.
11. Fax gives message of “no cartridge installed”.
12. Get one of the Daves to come and magic the machine.
13. Discover that, despite the fact the machine that made the company says this cartridge is compatible with this machine, it is NOT, in fact, compatible.
14. Pack up new cartridge to return.
15. Look down where boss has squirreled away 20 reams of paper.
16. See box with cartridge in it. That must have been ordered 6 or 7 years ago. And has been sitting there all week. While we were waiting for a response from IT. And for the new cartridge to arrive. And my boss was whining about our machine being out of toner.
Long story short (too late!): Our fax has toner again.

  • I’ve just discovered Duolingo.  This is like Rosetta Stone, only free.  I own the Italian 1 & 2 of Rosetta Stone.  It was bloody expensive.  And Duolingo is incredibly similar.  And free.  Did I mention that it’s free?  So being me, I’m refreshing my Italian, French, and Spanish.  And I’ve started learning Portuguese.  I might give up on the Portuguese if it gets too confusing.  After all, I took Spanish independent study in high school with a teacher who spoke French fluently, so we communicated in French (which I started taking three semesters before I started taking Spanish), and my French got really good.  And then I went to Italy and forgot almost all of my Spanish.  I swear when I do try to speak Spanish, I still have an Italian accent.  Anyway, it’s fun, and I’ve always enjoyed studying languages.  Highly recommend it if you’re looking.  Currently, there’s just French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and German, but they’re working on new languages.  And it’s free, so check it out.

P.S. Happy birthday to my big brother, Matt!  He’s the best big brother a girl could ask for.  I love that one of the reasons Sofia’s death made you sad is that you felt like you should have been able to protect me.  After all, that’s what big brothers do.  And even if you can’t always keep me from being hurt, I love knowing that you would do anything to protect me if you could.

P.P.S.  Sorry if I made you cry.  That first P.S. started off as a happy thing that came out a tad bittersweet.


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