A Tiny Coup

February 4, 2014

I vacuumed today. It’s only the second time I’ve vacuumed since my mom A) started doing my housekeeping because I was very pregnant, B) kept doing my housekeeping because I was very sad and she’d already planned to keep doing it for the fourth trimester, and C) stopped doing my housekeeping because it had been longer than she’d initially said she would do it when we still thought there would be a baby in the house. This time of year, vacuuming really does need to happen. Even though we all take our shoes off at the door, there’s still quantities of salt that get tracked inside. But the vacuum is in the closet in Sofia’s room. It’s a tiny coup each time I have to go in there. It’s a coup in both senses of the word. It’s a triumph. And it’s a cut. Today I managed that triumph. I went into her room. And I vacuumed the apartment. And I put the vacuum away. And closed the door behind me. That’s about as much of the cut as I could take today.

P.S. In DD Conference news, why, yes, I did receive info sheets for two more workshops today. It should be a fun conference this year. One of my speakers is bringing her service miniature horse with her. I’m definitely looking forward to that!


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