I Really, Truly Needed That

February 7, 2014

I’ll be honest with you (like I’m not usually). This week has been a rough one. I was sitting at work today thinking that it’s Friday, and Friday means time for a what’s-making-me-happy post, and the only thing I could think of was that it was Friday.

And then Nancy shared this on my Facebook page. And I smiled. And giggled a little.

And it reminded me that this is also making me happy this week. It’s what I’m going to be knitting during the Olympics this year. And I’m knitting it out of this yarn (colorway: Winter Night). A picture doesn’t do it justice. You can’t feel what this yarn is like by looking at a picture. This yarn is heavenly. I’m thoroughly in love with this yarn.

And my parents are off to a wedding in Lansing, so I stopped and picked up a pizza on my way home. And it’s made with gluten. And yeast. And I’ve been craving a pizza that was not made by my mother and therefore contains ingredients she can’t have (AKA gluten and yeast). And I know it will taste so good even if it is just a cheap Little Caesar’s Hot-N-Ready.

And this isn’t so much happy-making as, well, happy-making. I don’t know what other term to use. Downton Abbey is its usual soapy melodrama wrapped up in glorious costumes and magnificent sets. But the grieving has been wonderfully written. Mary had a line on this week’s episode that summed it up perfectly. “I’m not sad. I’m just not ready to be happy.” I’m usually pretty good with words. I am a writer, after all, but it’s nice to now and then have words supplied that hit the mark perfectly.

And now I’m off to cast on that lovely yarn so that I can start knitting on that charming top. I’m not getting a signal for the local NBC affiliate, so we’ll see if I can knit cables while walking on the treadmill in the fitness center. I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow!


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