It Got Worse

February 8, 2014

Things didn’t get better on Wednesday after I wrote my post about my absolute meltdown upon discovering I’d left my prenatal vitamins in the shopping cart at Meijer’s. I suppose it was only to be expected. The universe had picked at me all day. One tiny thing after another. Why should it stop just because I was curled up in a ball and crying uncle?

And they were all little things. They were things that could even be funny when taken individually. For example: We used to have International Delight creamers at work. And then, for some reason, we started having Coffee Mate creamers instead. Now, I normally drink my coffee black, but the coffee at work is terrible. It is So Bad. I… I don’t even know how to describe it other than bad. So if you buy me a cup of coffee, I take it black. But when I drink our work coffee? Ugh. It needs something to help fix the taste. So, before I got pregnant, I either needed two of the Coffee Mate hazelnut creamers or one of the International Delight that I would buy in bulk at Sam’s and then stash in my desk drawer. (Side note: I recommend keeping the individual servings of creamer on hand to put in you porridge/oatmeal/etc. Yum!) When I got back to work, I didn’t want hazelnut. I found that one of the Coffee Mate French vanilla was just right to make my work coffee taste more like coffee. Well, we must go through the hazelnut creamers faster than the French vanilla because a few weeks ago I noticed that we had International Delight hazelnut creamers again. And Wednesday morning, we also had International Delight French vanilla creamers. Not thinking, I grabbed one, tossed it in my mug, poured my second cup of coffee and went merrily back to my desk where I took a sip and almost gagged. The Coffee Mate creamers are much more lightly flavored. I didn’t want to go back to the break room and make a new cup of coffee. I suffered through.

You see, it’s funny on its own. It’s a silly little thing. But it was another pinch.

So I got my new TV set up. And I get all of the PBS stations our local affiliate offers, which is awesome. I just might start watching Nova again. And I get some channels I don’t even care about. There are, however, two channels that I cannot get to come in. I bought a TV because I want to do two things. I want to watch the Olympics, and I want to watch the Tonys. And those are the two channels I’m not getting. (This was discovered PLV or Post Lost Vitamins.)

And since I’d ordered my TV online and had it shipped to the store, I’d already paid for it. But that wasn’t clear. I wasn’t positive that had happened. So I asked the cashier, and she said it didn’t look like I had paid, so she rang it up. After my mom got to my place, she told me that the pink tape on the box was to indicate that I’d paid online. My mom took the receipt and the empty box and my credit card and went back to Meijer’s to get the second charge removed. She texted me when she was done to let me know that everything was taken care of.

I asked if she was coming back.

She said she wasn’t.

I told her I was very sad.

She asked if I wanted her to come back.

I said please.

She asked if she should plan to spend the night.

I told her “maybe good idea.” (I really do think that’s telling. I use proper grammar and punctuation when I text. And here I didn’t. Did I really mean “That may be a good idea”? Or did I mean “Maybe. Good idea”? Those sentences aren’t the same.)

And she went home to get her robe and pills and toothbrush. And she spent the night. And I’m glad that she did because I was so very sad.

And this was the final… Punch, I guess. It was more than another little pick or pinch. I checked my email. I had a message from the head of the child care center at the YWCA to let me know there was an opening in the infant room. I wrote back to remind her that my daughter was dead. That they’d even sent me a sympathy card. I did hear back from her the next day. She apologized profusely. She hadn’t even thought. She’d sent the message based on the request emails she’d received, and she hadn’t even looked to see if my name was on the list. I had figured that was what happened, but it was the last thing I wanted to see that day.

So I had to go to the fitness center to watch the Olympics yesterday. And I currently plan to go this afternoon so that I can watch the biathlon. I will definitely be picking and choosing my Olympics viewing this year. I looked at what’s on the schedule for tonight. I might go for an hour or so, but maybe not. I wasn’t alone in the fitness center last night. Someone else was on the treadmill when I got there, so I knit on the elliptical while she finished her run. And then someone else got there when I’d been on the treadmill for about ten minutes. She ran on the elliptical until I got off the treadmill shortly after the US athletes entered the Opening Ceremonies. As I was heading back to my apartment, she was starting a run on the treadmill. I’ve never seen the fitness center so busy!


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