Behind the Eight Ball

February 11, 2014

My boss has our annual budget planning meeting tomorrow. He has described the group with whom he meets as “too serious”, so he likes to try to lighten the mood. One year he had us make a 3” binder of his “demands”. This year he wants a prop of an eight ball behind which he would like a cube with “CME” on it. If I have time to make it. Which I might not. Because, as you can tell from his sense of humor, the CME department is behind the eight ball. And falling farther and farther behind. And until they hire the staff we were told we could have about, oh, a year ago, things aren’t going to get better. It will be interesting to see what my blood pressure is like when I have my annual next month…

I did manage to accomplish some things today. I checked almost as much off of my to-do list as I moved from today to tomorrow. That’s got to count for something.

Except for this:

For the DD Conference, we apply to get social work CE credits. This is a somewhat tedious application for a conference of this size because I need to compile bios of all of my speakers as well as bibliographies for each presentation. The speakers are supposed to provide all of this information, but I still have to put it all together for the application submission. Even with the beauty of copy and paste, it still takes a lot of time. And since my committee did Nothing while I was on leave and the speakers they’d confirmed took their sweet ol’ time turning in their info sheets, I’ve been scrambling to get everything together for the social work application. When I left on Friday, I actually had all of my workshop slots filled except for one. And that one was almost filled. I’d received an info sheet from a speaker who indicated he was available on Tuesday, but I could only offer him a slot on Wednesday. I was waiting to hear back from him. So I didn’t work on the social work application yesterday. I still hadn’t heard back from him today, but I can’t wait anymore. I got everything compiled. I updated the workshops in the brochure. I put together an email for the two people who are assisting with our CE applications. I hit send. And then a new email popped up from the speaker. Sure! He’d love to speak on Wednesday!

How did he know? I mean, he sent it just when I’d finished. How did he know that I had everything taken care of?

So everything I’d done has gone back on the to-do list for tomorrow. So that I can add this one last speaker in. It really was foolish of me to think that I could get ahead!


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