The Good, the Bad, and the Wait What Now?

February 12, 2014

Dr Z had our budget-planning meeting today. I did not have time to make him a three-dimensional prop. I did, however, have time to make him a cartoon using clip art and Word Art. Pretty easily found a clip art of a little man behind an eight ball. I put “CME” on his sleeve. Print. Done.

And from what he said, the meeting went pretty well. We can go ahead and hire a new coordinator. Except for one little thing. Of course. There’s always one little thing. You see, they don’t think we should have two coordinators. We should be adding a manager as the new position. Someone to whom the coordinator will report. Keep the coordinator position we have. Add a new manager position.

Wait. What now?

Yeah, I still don’t totally understand how this is supposed to address our staffing needs. We need two coordinators. Two people who will be side-by-side on the org chart. We don’t need a line of four people. We need a diamond.

So the job description we wrote for a second coordinator is now being reworked as a manager. Now, the current plan is that I’ll get promoted or transferred or transmogrified into this new CE Manager. (Oh, yeah, we’re becoming the Office of Continuing Education, too. So that we can offer continuing education to people who aren’t physicians. Woohoo!) And then we’ll hire someone to fill my then-vacant CME (or CE, I guess) Coordinator position.

I still don’t get how this is going to make us not be swamped. But we don’t have to wait for the new fiscal year to start. And the person in HR who is helping us with the new job description said he would fast-track it for us. So we just might get this all taken care of before the DD Conference in April. Fingers crossed!


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