Oh, Michigan

February 20, 2014

Yesterday hinted that spring might exist somewhere in the world. It got above freezing, and we actually saw the sun. The sun! So naturally, today started out with snow which has now turned into rain with the whole mess expected to freeze overnight. Oh, I should probably revise that statement. Today started out with thundersnow. So much for yesterday’s hint of spring.

This wouldn’t really be that big of a deal, but the DD Committee is supposed to have a planning meeting in East Lansing tomorrow, plus it’s my mom’s birthday. And since driving to the dentist a mere twenty minutes from home proved to be too far for me to be alone in the car with my thoughts, my mom and I got her birthday all planned out. I’ll go pick her up. She’ll hang out at Kellogg while I’m at my meeting. We’ll drive back to my place and go for a walk. Meanwhile, my dad will go pick up Thai food and bring it to my place for my mom’s birthday dinner.

But if this mess continues? Yeah. There’s no way I’m driving to East Lansing. And since this storm has covered pretty much all of southern Michigan, I don’t expect any of my committee members to drive to East Lansing either. Chances are reasonable that the meeting will be canceled. And my mom’s birthday extravaganza will have to be revamped. Although we will still have Thai for dinner.

I did get the most important things on my to-do list accomplished today, which I suppose says something. (Yes, I did cross the “S” off. It was really only one thing.) I’m definitely not moving as quickly as I should on a lot of things, but priority-wise, today was better than yesterday.

I do, however, find that I’m opting out of things. I didn’t go to the season preview at the Civic yesterday. I’d thought about it, but I just wanted to be home. I know several of my friends are really excited about the season, but I’m underwhelmed. Okay, I am curious to see the treatment Richard III will receive. Will it be treated as a history? Or as a tragedy? And if as a history, will it attempt to undo any of the blatant Tudor propaganda that it is? Obviously, it all depends on the director, and that, of course, hasn’t been announced. I suppose it is fitting for that as a selection given the fact that his remains have been found, but I agree with Yorkshire that his remains should be laid to rest in the shire he loved and not in the south of the country. Ah well.

The other thing I’ve opted out of this week is the employee appreciation celebration that’s tonight. There are two things I really don’t enjoy. Mingling and public praise. Yeah. So not going to happen. Even if the weather were decent, I still wouldn’t have wanted to go. They used to do this during the day. We got breakfast. It was part of the work day. Yeah. I’ll pass on going out on my time to do things I really don’t enjoy. Just give me my award in private. (Which they did. Michelle dropped it off this afternoon. Now to decide what gift I want. There are several pieces of luggage. I just need to settle on one to replace what I currently use, a hand-me-down with a wonky handle and wonkier wheels and bits that get wonkier with each flight.)

Yeah, I probably would have been happy at the season preview. I would have been amongst friends. After all, these are the people who sang at Sofia’s funeral. But I’m definitely happy to be home this evening. Now if it would just stop raining before the temperature drops and everything turns to ice…


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