Happy Happy Joy Joy

February 21, 2014

  1. Great Performances last Friday was brilliant. (Okay, I watched it online on Saturday. But it was still brilliant.) The only bad thing about it is that it left me wanting more than the brief scenes of each play presented. Sure, they couldn’t put that many plays on in two hours, but as each scene ended I was a little sad that it didn’t continue so that we could enjoy the entire play. My favorite selection (sorry, Benedict Cumberbatch, you know I love you, but it wasn’t your magnificent selection from Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead) has to be the Angels in America: Millennium Approaches scene. It encapsulates the beauty that is that play. It is hilarious and heartbreaking. And I so wished it to continue. Even more than the rest of the scenes. I’ve seen Angels in America (both Millennium Approaches and Perestroika) live. And I’ve seen the star-studded movie. And I was so disappointed in the movie. I was shocked when I saw it on stage. I laughed. A lot. Everyone did. I wasn’t expecting it to be so funny. I was expecting to cry. The movie? I didn’t laugh. I missed the audience. So seeing this one brief scene. With a live audience. Who laugh. Because it is funny. Which makes the heartbreak in the scene that much more poignant. Which is how in two minutes, two actors can bring you from laughter to tears. I wanted them to go on and do the rest of the play, both parts. Gosh, I hope I haven’t built that up too much for you. Meh, it was okay. If you feel like it, maybe you should watch it. Whew! Potential damage undone!
  2. It is no secret that I love Linda Holmes. I’ll be reading a post on NPR’s Monkey See blog, and I’ll think, “yeah, that’s right, good point”, and then I’ll scroll up to the byline. Sure enough. It’s by Linda Holmes. She is also, in part, responsible for my beloved Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast. I swear, if we knew each other, we would totally be friends. Well, this week, Linda Holmes, along with NPR movie reviewer Bob Mondello, got better. They have done a series in which they read internet reviews of Oscar-nominated movies. (That link will take you to the first one. I recommend them all.) Yes, this does mean seeing what some radio people look like, but they are hilarious. I’ll just say ❤ and leave it at that. And yes, you need to watch the clips to get that joke.
  3. A slew of new-to-me Doctor Who episodes showed up in my Hulu queue. I believe this gives me the last of the Matt Smith episodes (except for maybe the Christmas special), so I will be the closest I’ve been to caught up since my brother still lived in the UK.
  4. My daddy replaced my driver’s side windshield wiper before I had to drive across state. Yes, I am spoiled. I’m okay with that.
  5. The weather was fabulous today, so we got to celebrate my mommy’s birthday as originally planned. We had a beautiful drive both to and from East Lansing. And Daddy picked up Thai food for dinner. I’m looking forward to my leftovers for lunch or dinner tomorrow.

In the whole scheme of things, it’s been a pretty happy week.


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