It’s Friday!

March 7, 2014

…Which means it’s time for another round of What’s Making Me Happy This Week!

  1. Early birthday presents. Or one specific early birthday present. (Yes, my birthday’s not for months. You didn’t miss it.) My brother recently got a deskcycle. And he bought one for me, too. It arrived yesterday, and I rode 30 miles at work today. Woohoo!
  2. This post by Linda Holmes. (Have I ever mentioned that I love Linda Holmes? Just checking.) It is brilliant, and so spot on. Looking back at my posts over this winter, I think she’s pretty much nailed it.
  3. Opening day at Plainwell Ice Cream. It was on Saturday. It was very cold on Saturday. So, naturally, my parents and I parked about a half-mile away and snowshoed to the shop.   And then we had our ice cream (cappuccino is still my favorite) and snowshoed back to the car. It was great fun. And we didn’t even get any weird looks when we showed up in our snowshoes. I think that says a lot about the winter we’ve had…
  4. And speaking of snowshoeing, the trek my mom and I took today was particularly good. It’s about 40F (a lot warmer than last Saturday!), so we were just wearing fleece hoodies. And we went through what is, I think, my favorite stretch of trail. It’s all hills and trees with a stream running through it. When I think of nature, that’s what I see. And right now, there’s still a lot of snow.
  5. Oh, and snowshoeing with Amber and Lizzie on Sunday was a lot of fun, too. There was a lot of good snowshoeing this week.
  6. The newest correspondent on the Daily Show. Jordan was a year behind me at KAMSC. He had his first on-air this week. I thought he did a great job. I laughed a lot. The only disappointment, for me, is that they didn’t make a joke about how he was an expert to talk about the Crimean Peninsula because he grew up in Michigan which is, of course, not one, but two peninsulas (peninsulae?).

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