March 21, 2014

  1. It’s spring on the calendar, and it’s finally starting to feel like spring, too. You’re probably safe from posts about snowshoeing until next winter.
  2. Connie forgot to wear green on St. Patrick’s Day and remedied this by putting a green post-it on her sleeve. It stayed there all day. Courtney also forgot to wear green. Her solution was to put a couple of green hanging file tabs on her collar. I, too, forgot to wear green. Then I remembered that my toenails were painted green. It just wasn’t exactly sandal weather…
  3. Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me recorded in Kalamazoo last night. It was a lot of fun both because the show is fun, but because we got to see the whole process. And we got to see Carl Kassel before he retires.
  4. This Guinness ad. I’m sure it’s funny to people who’ve never been to Yorkshire. But some of the jokes are even funnier to those of us who have. I have watched it multiple times. And I laugh each time I do. (Watching it again as I pull up the hyperlink… Yep, still funny!)

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