What’s Making Me Happy

March 28, 2014

  1. Honestly, at this exact moment, not having a bra on. This was one of those days that the straps wouldn’t stay up and the underwire was poking and the band was too tight… But we’re looking for bigger items than this exact moment…
  2. Friends taking care of each other. Nicki’s grandmother died. No, that is not making me happy. Of course not. But Nicki, for other, much happier reasons, missed this month’s meal exchange. We all cooked enough for her to have some anyway. The food has been in one of my parents’ chest freezers (yes, they have more than one) since Sunday. When I saw her post about her grandmother, I texted her to let her know we have food for her. And why this really does make me happy is that with friends, it all works out in the end. Nicki couldn’t contribute this month. Lizzie will be moving next month, so she’s not sure if she’ll be able to contribute. But the rest of us will. None of us will be able to cook for the group every single month. But that’s where the rest of the group can step in. And how can that not make a person happy?
  3. I have to say that being through our accreditation interview is still making me happy, even though it was last week.
  4. We are this close to getting the new position into the hiring phase. The dean has finally read the job description, and we’re hoping to get it posted by the end of next week. We’re close enough that it actually feels like movement. Finally!
  5. This post by Linda Holmes. It was from a few weeks ago. And it was making me happy then. But I forgot to make a note to include it. But rereading it, it’s still pretty funny.
  6. And last, but definitely not least… TMI Warning! My period finally started. I’ve been incredibly regular since Sofia. 27-27-27-27-28-27… And this month? 31. I swear it waited on purpose. It waited because the moon wasn’t in the right phase. Or it waited because it knows that I have an appointment with the OB who said he’d be willing to help me try and conceive again. But I think it also knew that I was ready. It was supposed to start on Sunday, so I put on a pad before going to knitting. On Monday, I wore dark panties and a pad. On Tuesday I wore light panties and a pad. On Wednesday, I wore light panties and a panty liner. It finally started on Thursday when I wore dark panties with no pad or liner. I know it was waiting for something to bleed on. I caught it starting before it had a chance to do much damage. But it was a relief. And therefore, it is definitely making me happy.

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