April 10, 2014

I’m very glad that tomorrow is Friday.  I’ll be even more glad to have it be tomorrow at, oh, 3:30.  I just need to get through then.  I just need to get through those appointments.  Then maybe I can start to focus again.

I seriously feel like I’ve never coordinated a conference before.  My brain is positive that I have three more weeks to prepare, but the calendar says otherwise.  And even then, I find myself just staring.  Staring at emails.  Staring at blank documents.  Staring at disclosure forms.  And accomplishing nothing.

The fact that I’m, apparently, not supposed to sleep isn’t helping.  There was the nightmare of two nights ago.  And last night, I somehow switched from Alarm 1 to Alarm 2.  Alarm 2 has never been set.  So it went off at midnight.

The good news is that our new position has been posted.  And I’ve submitted my application for it.  And my application has been forwarded to my boss.  Here’s hoping they don’t make us wait until there’s a pool of potential candidates!  Getting us to a stage where we can finally hire someone to fill my job (once I move into the new one) will definitely help with this feeling that there’s so much to do that I don’t even know what all there is to be done.  Dear everyone – I’m sorry if you got lost in the shuffle.


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