What’s Making Me Happy This Week

April 11, 2014

  1. I think it is finally, really and truly, spring.  The sun is out.  I didn’t wear a coat to work two days this week.  And I even wore sandals yesterday!
  2. My mom and I went for a walk on the trail today, and there was a kid who was writing messages in it on chalk.  The first one we saw said “Happy”.  At the trailhead, he’d written “Start” going in and “Finish” going out.  Right where the path meets the parking lot, he’d put “Farewell” on the exiting side.  It was sweet, and fun, and definitely made us smile.
  3. This woman made a pie chart of pie out of pie.  It is, shall we say, a pie pie pie chart?  And I thought my KAMSC classmate’s geometry of the circle pie was good…
  4. Somehow, Lisa and I have simultaneously been watching TNG.  We did not discuss this in advance.  And yet we’re at about the same place in the series.  Which has led to some amusing Facebook conversations.
  5. I had email from my cousin Kristy about a week ago.  She wanted me to know that she’s been thinking about me but never knew the right thing to say.  I told her that “I don’t know what to say” is always the right thing.  Well, I had a small package from her.  The card said that she’d found something and it made her think about the right thing to say.  It’s a small frame.  The picture encased says “I fear one day I’ll meet God, he will sneeze and I won’t know what to say.”  Kristy, you did awesome!  It’s perfect.  I love it.  It made me laugh.  And each time I look at it, it makes me smile.

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