Friday, Friday

April 18, 2014

Today has been a series of frustrations.  And as I was leaving my parents’ house this evening, I told my mom that it was making it hard to think about what’s making me happy so that I could write this post.  And her response was that was why I had to do it.  So here goes.

What’s Making Me Happy This Week

  1. I turned the thermostat to “off”.  (Okay, so it got cold enough that I had to turn it back on, but then it warmed up again.)
  2. I had a hair appointment today.  It’s silly, but I do love my red.  And this is a particularly nice shade.  Yolanda rocks!
  3. One of my theatre friends posted that even though he’s 34, he still has to read the four questions at the Passover seder.  I giggle a little every time I think about that.  He should invite a neighbor kid to come next year…  Or a work colleague who is younger than him…
  4. My mom and I dyed Easter eggs today.  She found some awesome dye.  The colors are amazing.  Bright and deep.  And they came with mustache and eye stickers (including 4 pairs of googly eyes) so that they can be, and I quote, “dapper”.  (Which of course made me think of Dapper Dan and O Brother Where Art Thou).
  5. Itzhak Perlman was on Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me a couple of weeks ago, but I only just got around to listening to the podcast of it this week.  If he doesn’t come back in a “Best Of” episode, they’ve forgotten what’s funny.  When he starts talking about Candy Crush…
  6. Jane Goodall talking about cloud computing on Here & Now.  There’s a charm to the off-handed way she describes it.  And that she describes death as joining that cloud.  That was kind of charming, too.

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