What’s Making Me Happy This Week

April 25, 2014

  1. My period finally started today.  It was a couple days “late” again — at least based on the 27 days I was going.  Which meant I had to cancel my ultrasound and appointment with Dr O today.  And I’m still trying to reschedule for Monday or Tuesday.  (That’s a story that’s definitely not making me happy.  Perhaps I’ll give you the saga tomorrow.)  And all the while stressing that my period won’t have started by then.  But it did.  So at least that much is okay.
  2. The DD Conference is done for another year.  Sure, we’re already planning for next year, but it’s really good to be through the busyness that is April.
  3. I got to pat a guide horse on her nose.  She was at the DD Conference with her owner, who was presenting.  The horse kept sticking her head over the registration table, so I gave her a pat even though you aren’t supposed to pet service animals when they’re working.
  4. Atlases.  Atlases are making me happy.  I really do love maps.  And since I have my desk cycle, I’ve been wanting to see just how far I’ve ridden, so I bought a US road atlas and a Europe road atlas.  They’ve both arrived.  I’m looking forward to taking my highlighter and imagining just where all I’ve gone since I got my desk cycle.
  5. This post about DYI “Artisanal” Toast by NPR’s The Salt blog.  I think I cried a little when I read it because I was laughing so hard.
  6. It’s hard to believe that it was only this past Sunday, but my parents and I ate our Easter lunch on my balcony.  And we didn’t have to bundle up to do so.  (Plus we went for a walk in the nature preserve near my house, which we’ve never done before and now we’re asking ourselves why not because it is a beautiful spot.)

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