So Much That I Forgot

May 1, 2014

There was so much to talk about in yesterday’s post that I completely forgot to tell you a story that was non-current-cycle related.

First off, my new job is posted.  I’ve applied.  (I think I’ve told you this before.)  However, the higher ups have decided that they want to see what the interest level is before letting my boss hire the person he wants to (aka me).  With his most serious face on, he told me that this would have no effect on the outcome.  And, trust me, when the man puts on his serious face, you know.  He’s fairly lighthearted.  When he told me that I was not to worry about whether or not I would get the job, he was not.  So I’m not really concerned about it.  But it would be really nice to stop hinkle-pinkling around so that we can actually have enough staff members in our department.

I tell you all of this for a reason…

Last week, when I was working the DD Conference, I got email from one of the associate deans to this effect:  “There’s a possible CME activity I need to tell you about.  Call my admin so that she can set up a 15-minute meeting for us.”  That’s right.  He couldn’t just email me about the activity…

Anyway, I met with him yesterday morning.  He told me about the activity.  He told me that we’re not only not moving downtown, but we’re staying on the same floor.  We are moving around the corner.  Eventually.  Ah well.  I was hoping we’d move downtown so that Nicki and I would have offices within walking distance of each other, but I’m just happy to finally have been told which campus my office is going to be at.

But that’s not the important part of this story.  As we were finishing up, he asked how I was doing.

“Fine.  It all depends on the day.”

“Well, I wanted you to know that I’ve been praying for you.”


“If there’s anything I can ever do…”

“You can tell them to stop messing around with our staffing.”  I smiled when I said this.  I think that confused him.

“I meant personally.”

It’s probably the second-wave feminist in me that sees this as personal.  The personal is political, right?  And the political is personal.  The politics of my job are personal.  Sure, maybe I was half-joking when I said it.  But if I was half-joking, then I was half not.

Honestly, to all the people at work, to all the people everywhere… Just keep doing what you’re doing.  Just keep acting like I’m a normal person.  You’ve done a pretty good job of not treating me like the Woman Whose Daughter Died.  And that’s all I really want.


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