Happy Day!

May 2, 2014

This week has been a bit of a whirlwind.  I can’t believe the way everything is suddenly moving.  So.  Quickly.  But not in a bad Red Queen sort of way.  I don’t feel like I’m running just to keep on top of things.  I feel more like I’m in the eye of the hurricane, watching everything swirl around me, trying to figure out how to reach in and pluck each piece out.  It really is all good.

But since I’ve made a goal to itemize some things that are making me happy each week, well, here are the standouts.

  1. This post by blogger Mad Man Knitting.  I don’t even want to tell you what it says because he tells the story so well.  I cringed and I laughed.  And the comments get pretty funny, too.
  2. I start taking ovulation tests on Monday.  I still had a few from when I was trying to get pregnant with Sofia.  They’re individual wrapped, so I checked the expiration dates to see if I need to buy more.  They expire 06/2014.  And I think I counted five, so that should be enough.
  3. As he left work today, my boss asked if he could still call me Beth or if he should start calling me Manager Beth on Monday.  That’s right.  I’ve finally been promoted into our new CE Manager position.  Effective Monday.  (I told you it’s been a whirlwind.)  Earlier in the day, the HR Manager visited with Dr Z and then came into my office to offer me the job along with a very nice raise.  After she left, I stuck my head in Dr Z’s office and asked, “How do you want me to break it to you that I don’t want to be your coordinator anymore?”  He laughed and congratulated me.  It’s almost a relief.  I mean, until we fill my now-vacant position, I’m still doing two jobs.  But the open position is now, officially, the CE Coordinator.  I am now salaried.  I punched the clock for the last time when I left work today.  I know that I have new responsibilities regarding how I use my time, but boy does it feel good to be done with time cards!

The fatalistic side of me is thinking that everything is going too well right now.  But maybe this will work, too.  Maybe by the end of May, I’ll not only have my new job, but I’ll be pregnant, too.




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2 responses to “Happy Day!

  1. Anne

    Congratulations Manager Beth! So happy for you!

    • Thanks! Things have really changed since you’ve been here. Between the hospitals expanding and smaller locations dropping their programs… And we are officially ACCME accredited as of 8/1!

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