What’s Making Me Happy This Week

May 16, 2014

I’m half-way through the two-week wait.  Between that and my dad’s car accident, this week has been, well, meh.  But the beauty of forcing myself to write a happiness post each week is that I do find the little things, so here goes:

  1. The girls are quite tender, and this is the third day they’ve been so.  And I could happily crawl into bed right now, and it’s only 7 pm.  I’m hoping those are good signs.  I’m hoping they mean that I’m pregnant.
  2. My boss is making me happy.  We’ve been dealing with some, well, power struggles that have been making it difficult for us to be productive.  And he is pissed.  And I really appreciate that we’re on the same page regarding our frustrations.  It’s nice to know that it’s not just me, and even nicer to know that my boss is one of the people on my side.
  3. The Medieval Congress continued into this week, so it, too, is making me happy.  The last session I went to was on Corporal and Capital Punishment in Anglo-Saxon England.  It was fascinating and delightful.
  4. Plus I knit an entire baby sweater while at the Congress.  The next time I see Issa, she’ll be the recipient of a new sweater for her new baby.  Yes, he’s already been born.
  5. There is water in the swimming pool.  It is also 40 degrees outside.  Fahrenheit.  Oh, Michigan…

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