Random on a Tuesday

May 20, 2014

Thing One: My parents have found a new car to replace my dad’s totaled truck.

Thing Two: I still feel nauseated. I woke up in the middle of the night, so ready to vomit, that I took one of my last three Zofran. Here’s hoping that it’s morning sickness! (I know. Those symptoms aren’t supposed to show up for another few weeks. But considering how sick I was when I was pregnant with Sofia…)

Thing Three: The clinic called me again yesterday afternoon. They said radiology should have called me to schedule a follow-up mammogram. The gynecologist was concerned about something in my left breast. Yes, I was more than a little confused. For one thing, I might be pregnant, and the person who told her to call knows that. For another, I don’t see one of the gynecologists; I see one of the midwives. And for third thing, my mammogram was back in December. And for a fourth thing, I got a letter from radiology stating that my mammogram was clear. And for a fifth thing, I had my annual in February, and Laurie didn’t feel anything in her manual exam. The nurse was as confused as I was. She pulled up my record. Everything I said is correct. She apologized profusely. She asked if I needed any obstetric services. I explained that I’d had an IUI less than two weeks ago, so I was hopeful that I’d be calling on Tuesday to schedule bloodwork. She said she hoped to get the call since she usually works on Tuesdays. She was very sweet. I hope she figured out who she was supposed to be calling. I’ve come up with two possiblities. 1) She was supposed to call my aunt. We have the same last name, and her first name is only one letter behind me in the alphabet. 2) She accidentally picked up the note from when I’d called in the morning. Whatever it was, it was too weird not to share!


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