What’s Making Me Happy This Week

May 23, 2014

I can tell you what’s not making me happy this week.  Today.  Today is not making me happy.  But that’s not what Friday posts are for.  I’ll tell you about it tomorrow.  Or Sunday.  When I have enough time to go into the full saga of pharmacy screw ups.  Today is for what’s making me happy.

  1. Although this is giving away the ending, I am happy that the aforementioned full saga of pharmacy screw ups has resolved itself.  In the end, it’s fine.  It was just frustrating getting here.
  2. Courtney is making me happy because she did a True Friend thing this week.  She’s one of the two friends who know I’m trying.  When I told her that my period had started, she was sympathetic.  But she also said a Wrong Thing.  It was via email.  And she knew it was a Wrong Thing as soon as she hit send.  But she wasn’t able to hit retract before I opened it.  And when we saw each other later that day, she apologized and told me she knew it was a Wrong Thing.  True Friends don’t always know the right thing to say, but when they realize they said the Wrong Thing, they acknowledge it.
  3. Nicki is making me happy for two reasons.  Reason #1 is that she’s going to help me with my next cycle of FSH injections.  (My mom will be out of town.  You may recall that my parents have this other kid, and they’re doing this crazy thing and going to visit him and my SIL and my nieces.)  Reason #2 is that when I told her about my dad’s car accident and his recuperation including very long walks about the neighborhood, she said, “As your family’s doula, I’m not sure how I feel about that.”  The concept that my several-years’ retired dad has a doula amuses me to no end.
  4. Last week’s episode of The Now Show.  I’m afraid that link will not take you to it because each episode is only available for seven days.  So even as I write this, you can’t download last week’s episode anymore, let alone when this goes online in three months.  It featured a very funny Mitch Benn parody of “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” about the lawsuits requiring Google to make people forgettable.  It ended with something along the likes of “Like.  Like, like, like, like.  Like, like, block, like.  Like, like, who?, like.”  But my favorite part, the part that made me laugh so hard that I made my parents listen to it, was Nathan Caton’s set about racism in sport.  I really wish you could hear it because me trying to summarize it would not do it justice.
  5. As frequently happens, Linda Holmes is again making me happy this week.  Please read the linked essay.  It’s short.  It’s hilarious.  My mom thought she’d read it well enough until I read it aloud to her and she realized she’d only skimmed it and missed how brilliantly funny it is.  I’m looking forward to any of the versions of the movie she describes.  Especially the last one.
  6. And finally, the pool is open!  No, I haven’t stuck my toes in yet.  (Not a tampon girl, remember?)  But I’ve turned in my form stating that I do plan to use the pool this summer.  And I’m hoping that it’s open, at least for a few hours, on Monday so that I can take my book and hang out in the sun and enjoy the water.  It’s actually supposed to be decent for Memorial Day this year!

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