Slightly Schizophrenic

June 2, 2014

First, let me just say how awesome Brad and Nicki have been. I talked to Dr O on Friday, and he said I should go ahead and do the third FSH injection on Day 11 (which was yesterday). I told Nicki I’d run over to her place around noon. Brad had plans to go out, but he stayed to keep an eye on their three-year-old until after Nicki had given me the injection.

Okay, I should be doing work right now. And by “doing work” I mean reading The Continuing Professional Development of Physicians. Exciting, huh? You see, I’m sitting at the coffee shop in the hospital right now. I had an ultrasound and blood draw at the Portage clinic at 8. I see Dr O at 10:15 (assuming his surgery goes as planned, which for the woman undergoing the operation I hope is the case). But I can work offsite. I can check my email. I can study for the CCMEP exam.

But I’m excited.

The ultrasound showed three follicles on the right and one on the left. I’m hopeful. But I’m trying not to get my hopes too high.

I’m living in two worlds right now. There’s my work world where I don’t want anyone to know that I’m trying to get pregnant. I’m at meetings, appointments. I’ve run over to the hospital. (And I could totally be at a work-related meeting at the hospital. This is not out of the realm of possibility.)

And then there’s the world of ultrasounds and FSH injections. Of fingers crossed. Of waiting.

I expect the IUI to be tomorrow afternoon or sometime on Wednesday. Hopefully this will be a great birthday present. Hopefully Sofia and her grandmothers and great-aunts are all looking down and saying, “This time. Last time wasn’t your birthday. You had to wait until this time.”


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