Keeping My Fingers Crossed

June 3, 2014

I really hope this works tomorrow. I have been rather uncomfortable the past few days. I’d forgotten just how much one’s ovaries ache when pumped full of hormones.

Nicki has been an awesome friend the past week. (Not that she wasn’t an awesome friend before that, but this week reminds me of what friendship really is.) She popped round yesterday evening to give me the Ovidrel injection. And she apologized because she’d talked to a friend about me. But she also reassured me that it wasn’t anyone I knew. It was a friend of hers who has gone through IVF, and she was looking for advice on giving me this last injection. And throughout it all, she’s been texting my mom to let her know that everything is fine. I’m so lucky to have met her five years ago.

And tomorrow morning, bright and early, she’ll pick me up. And she’ll sit with me for the IUI. And then she’ll bring me home.

And hopefully, this time I’ll get pregnant. The second try was the charm last time. Three follicles on one side and one on the other was the charm. Donor FF73 was the charm. A morning IUI was the charm.

Fingers crossed.

P.S. In work-related news, my boss and I went out to lunch today. We had to celebrate because something happened last month, but neither of us can remember what it was. (Yes, it was my promotion.) We now have a “bet” going about our pending accreditation decision. It’s a three parter: 1) what the decision is; 2) when it arrives; and 3) in what format (that would be either via email or on paper). The winner gets to pick where we go out to celebrate. Definitely a win/win!

P.P.S. Courtney starts as the CE Coordinator sometime next week. I’m looking forward to handing some tasks off to her so that I can figure out exactly what it means to be the CE Manager! Plus it will be nice to have her next door again instead of all the way downstairs.


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