A Day Late and With Good Reason

June 7, 2014

It’s Saturday!  Not Friday…  I didn’t get a post written yesterday because I was busy with some of What’s Making Me Happy This Week.

  1. I have discovered the klezmer punk band Golem.  Yes, you read that correctly.  It’s klezmer.  And it’s punk.  And it is awesome.  Thanks, Fresh Air!
  2. You may have heard about the study that showed people take female-named hurricanes less seriously than their male-named counterparts, no matter what category the hurricane is assigned.  I recommend you read this delightful follow-up post offering advice to female-named hurricanes.
  3. As is frequently the case, the Yarn Harlot is making me happy.  Particularly this post.
  4. Obviously, having had an IUI on Wednesday is making me happy.  I’d be even happier if I didn’t have to go through the two-week wait, but I am happy to be trying again.
  5. My birthday was Thursday!  Of course that’s making me happy.
  6. I got a lovely (and much needed) birthday massage.  And Mary gave me a birthday muffin with a tea light perched on top.  She apologized because she wanted to get me something better than a muffin, but I think it was the perfect amount of whimsy.
  7. And the final thing that’s making me happy (and what kept me out and not writing this post) is that I had birthday dinner with Lisa and her parents yesterday.  You see, yesterday was Lisa’s birthday.  And since my parents are at my brother’s, I hadn’t had birthday dinner yet.  Yes, we sang happy birthday to ourselves and then blew out the candles together.  It was a lovely meal with lovely company.  And if that doesn’t make a body happy, well then I don’t know what does.

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