June 27, 2014

  1. In whimsical telly entertainment, ReBoot is now available on Hulu.  There’s something delightfully meta about watching this show on my computer.  And it was fun to see the seasons I missed because I was in college sans TV.
  2. My nieces are in town for a visit.  They’ve had wonderful adventures at the library and the museum and, of course, the lake.  (Not the Lake.  Just the small one in the county park near where my parents live.)  Plus they’ve now been introduced to The Music Man.  How can that not make a body happy?
  3. An eye-rolling smile this week came when we were told that Courtney and Melanie will be moved into the vacant office next to mine.  We had been previously told that we would NOT be able to use that office as a short-term solution for our four-people-three-offices conundrum while waiting to move into our new offices around the corner.
  4. Sr Rose continues to make me happy.  She’s so happy for me.  And my parents.  And she asked when I was due.  And of her own accord commented that it wasn’t near Sofia’s birthday.  (Okay, so she called her Sophie.  From her, I’ll let it go.)  And she was very insistent that if I’m finding that the B6 isn’t enough, that the nurses can hook me up.  (Okay, my words, not hers.  But that was the gist of what she was saying.)
  5. I have an ultrasound scheduled for Tuesday.  And a follow-up with Dr O.  At which I will be demanding a Zofran prescription.
  6. The ribbon cutting for our new building is Wednesday.  We are required to go.  And eat good barbeque.  And ice cream.  Pity…

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