Catching Up

July 3, 2014

I blame the World Cup. I meant to write this on Tuesday, but I got distracted by the Belgium vs USA game. (Or, as Maria described it, the Belgium vs Tim Howard game. We really had terrible offense…) And yesterday wound up being a longer day than planned. So now it’s Thursday and I’m taking a break from work to write about the past couple of days.

Story #1: The (Hopefully) Last Visit to Dr O

My ultrasound was scheduled for 8:15 on Tuesday out at the Portage office. My mom picked me up at about 7:40, and off we went. Now, there was a pretty decent storm the previous night. But it wasn’t so bad. At least not in Kalamazoo. But as we drove out to Portage, we were impressed by the limbs that had fallen. And when we walked into the clinic, it was, well, not completely dark.

Yes, they had lost power. All appointments were supposed to be canceled. Hadn’t we heard?

Well, no. I’d turned the ringer off on my phone when I left work.

But they hadn’t completely lost power. They were only half out. And it turned out that one of the things that still had power was the ultrasound machine.

Yes, I did have voicemail from the main clinic about needing to reschedule. I called and explained that we didn’t need to. It took some discussion, but I finally convinced them that I really had just spoken with the ultrasound tech and she really could do my ultrasound so we really didn’t need to reschedule anything.

There’s one. Just one. And it measured at 5 weeks 5 days. Exactly where I should be based on LMP. And we could see the heart beating. Couldn’t really recognize the sound, but she was able to measure the rate. A perfect, healthy 100 bpm.

Now, of course, she couldn’t upload the pictures to the EMR because the computers were all down. But the ultrasound printer was working as was its CD burner. She gave me everything to take back to the main clinic for Dr O.

Dr O thought everything looked fine. He agreed to write me a prescription for Zofran. He asked if I had scheduled an appointment with Lori yet.

“I did tell her,” he said. “I hope that’s okay.”

“I expected no less,” I replied.

“We would have been disappointed if you hadn’t,” my mom added.

So my next appointment is my OB intake on the 21st. And I see Lori on the 22nd.

Story #2: A Comedy of Zofran

I was very relieved to be getting some Zofran because we had a big work do on Wednesday and the 4th is on Friday. Really want to be able to take one before being surrounded by vast quantities of food!

But I didn’t get notification from Walgreens that it was filled. For hours.

I finally called the clinic to make sure the prescription had been submitted. It had. So I called Walgreens.

“That’s odd,” the tech said. “The computer says ‘out of stock’. That can’t be right. Let me go check.” And go check she did. And she found that they still had ten.

So I got a partial fill which would give me one to take before the work do and I could pick up the rest after work. (Yes, we were both perplexed that I hadn’t gotten an automated message from the computer about the drug being out of stock.)

Well, yesterday morning, I went to take one. Sure, I’d found it odd that it had been dispensed in a pill bottle. But I figured that was because it was a partial fill. But when I opened the bottle… It was Zofran, or, you know, the generic counterpart. But it wasn’t the kind that dissolves on your tongue.

So I called Walgreens for a second time and asked what I had to do to get the kind that dissolve. It was a different tech this time. He was very sweet. He checked on what we could do since I’d received the partial fill the day before. When he came back, he told me that he’d call the clinic to verify the change and that they’d get it filled. This time I did get an email from Walgreens that everything was set.

Now, I do think I know what happened. I think they were out of the dissolvable kind. But the tech I talked to on Tuesday saw the other kind and, knowing that it’s an anti-nausea medication, really wanted to make sure I had something and didn’t think about the fact that it comes in two forms.

So this morning, I started having that “can’t swallow” feeling again. (I’m getting a B6 this afternoon, so it’s a day I would expect to feel a bit more punk.) And I went to take one of the dissolvable ones I picked up yesterday. The prescription label says “30”. And I opened the box. And there is one blister-pack of 10 pills. The outside of the box says it contains three blister-packs of 10. But I had one. Ten pills. Not 30. Ten pills that wear off after 8 hours, so if it’s a particularly bad week, this won’t last long.

I called Walgreens for the third time in as many days. I talked to the same tech as I’d spoken with yesterday. He was shocked. He was sure he’d counted correctly. He was so sorry. He’d get two more packs pulled for me so that I’d have the full 30.

In Conclusion

Probably a good thing I didn’t get this written on Tuesday!


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