What’s Making Me Happy

July 5, 2014

  1. Three-day weekends.  I normally write these posts on Friday.  Today, however, is Saturday.  I thought about writing after getting home from the family 4th of July celebrations yesterday, but I decided that since it was a holiday, I’d take the rest of the evening off.
  2. Speaking of my family 4th of July celebrations, my cousin’s two boys are growing up into wonderful men.  The older one heads off to boot camp a week from tomorrow.  The younger one has just really come into his own and joins in the family conversations and now and then says things that just make me think that we really are making progress in making the world a better place filled with caring people.
  3. My maternity clothes.  When I was pregnant with Sofia, I shopped with an eye towards things that I would want to wear even after I’d given birth.  When she died, I didn’t think I’d be able to look at them again.  There was one shirt in particular.  A shirt that was so me.  It was the first thing I saw on the rack at Motherhood.  You know the experience.  You’re walking by the store and something just catches your eye that makes you say “that’s so me.”  I wore that shirt yesterday.  And because it is so me, it doesn’t look like a maternity top right now.
  4. My aunt waited until I gave her a good-bye hug to ask if I had news.  Well, Aunt Cindy, by now you know that I lied.  But in my defense, my mother says that my exact phrase of “I have no new news” wasn’t really a lie because the news wasn’t new to me.  You can take that up with her.
  5. The nurses at the clinic.  Not only are they looking forward to the fact that in a couple more weeks they’ll be able to listen for the heartbeat when I go in for a B6 injection, but they keep checking to make sure that I’ll be okay in between injections.  On Thursday, she specifically asked if I’d be okay through the weekend.  I told her I had Zofran now, so I would definitely be okay.
  6. And speaking of Zofran….  Honestly, at this exact moment, that is probably the number one thing that is making me happy.  About an hour ago, I was so incredibly nauseated.  You see, I don’t have so much vomiting.  I just get to a stage where I can’t swallow without it threatening to come back up.  The dissolvable tablets work fast.  They may not make me ready to eat, but they make it possible to keep liquids down again.  And popsicles, too.
  7. And finally, as I was driving home from the market, I had this driveway moment.  It’s nice to know that my NPR idols really are the sort of people I imagine them to be.  (And maybe we should stop giving my dad such a hard time about being a philosophy major.)



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  1. Nonna Sue

    Maybe we should, but it’s just so easy! And yes, that top is so definitely you, pregnant or not.

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