What’s Making Me Happy This Week

July 11, 2014

  1. You’re probably going to get sick of this one, but Zofran is making me happy.  It’s been a rough week for morning sickness.  One evening I ate toast for dinner and couldn’t keep it down!  So, yes, I’m very happy to have drugs that make it mostly tolerable on most days and nearly tolerable on the rest.
  2. I’m also really glad that it’s Friday given that I thought it was Friday when it was only Tuesday.
  3. My maternity maxi-dress is making me happy.  It’s a sundress with a shelf bra and it’s sooooo comfortable.  One of those things I didn’t think I’d be able to wear again after Sofia died, at least not unless I got pregnant again.  But I am, and it feels so good to have this back in my wardrobe.  Pity it’s not suitable for work…
  4. But I think what made me smile the most this week was this.  Richard Dreyfuss’s kids (who are now adults) rewatched Jaws.  And then had this conversation about it on NPR.  I heard the interview twice.  And I laughed both times.  And just thinking about some of the things they said is still making me chuckle.  Enjoy!

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