Random on a Wednesday

July 16, 2014

Thing One: On Monday, I finally told my boss that I’m pregnant. I kind of felt that I should give him an explanation for why I didn’t get to work until 11 when my dentist appointment had been at 8. (The reason is that I had my B6 injection scheduled for 10:30.)

Thing Two: I really wish my boss could be a bit more circumspect. Or at least a little quieter. Pretty sure half the hallway now knows that I’m pregnant. Or at least suspects as much.

Thing Three: They talk about this “warmed-up effect”, and they aren’t kidding. If I’m not careful about how I adjust my clothes, I look like I’m about four months along instead of just two.

Thing Four: I had lunch with Nicki yesterday. We had to speak in hushed tones because some of her colleagues/our mutual friends were in their offices with their doors open. But it was, of course, good. It was good to be able to voice to someone other than my mom (or the nurses at the clinic) that I’m terrified. Quote of the event: “I know when you’ll stop being scared. Oh, I’m sorry. I should have been more clear. You’ll stop being scared when you’re 102 and dead.” Thanks, Nicki. It’s nice to know you think I’ll live that long. You do realize this means you have to live to 103, right?



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3 responses to “Random on a Wednesday

  1. Nonna Sue

    BrillIant! We should all have friends who outlive us by a year!

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