8 Weeks Happiness

July 18, 2014

  1. Drugs are making me happy.  This past week has been rough.  I’m happy to have B6 injections.  I’m happy to have Zofran.  And I’m happy to have Unisom.  Yes, I’ve been on all three on a regular basis over the past week.
  2. I’m happy that I can do work from home.  On the weekend.  I felt so sick this afternoon.  And Courtney is very sweet, offered to top off the hot water in my mug (I was drinking hot water with lemon which seemed to stay down reasonably well).  But I was so on the verge that I came home at 3 today.  Yes, it was probably a good thing that I did.  And I’m glad that I can make up the time that I missed by studying for the CCMEP exam this weekend.
  3. There’s asphalt!  Okay, you may or may not be aware of the vast amounts of road construction surrounding my apartment complex.  But the route to/from work is now half-paved.  They’re still finishing up the repaved lanes, but at least I can see the potential for the lanes to shift soon.  This will put the torn up lanes on the opposite side of the street from my complex and will mean I have freshly paved lines to drive on every day.
  4. Pop Culture Happy Hour recently held another live show.  And since their live shows are twice as long as a regular podcast, it became episodes 199 and 200.  And given the news of bombardments between Israel and Palestine and the Malaysian airliner being shot down over Ukraine (Lusitania, anyone?), I definitely needed something lighthearted.  I listened to these episodes at work and giggled almost all the way through.
  5. Elaine Stritch died this week.  No, of course, this isn’t making me happy exactly.  But this means multiple tributes, hearing her belt “The Ladies Who Lunch” and “I’m Still Here”, and hoping we can all grow up to be as unapologetic about our chutzpah as she was.  I’m probably going to have to pull out my copy of Elaine Stritch: At Liberty to listen to in the car… Or at least the original cast album of Company.
  6. Betsy has written an awesome blog post about picture book illustrators great difficulty drawing knitters.  I have to smile at her statement about not having taken to knitting herself.  No, she really didn’t (although I can vouch for the fact that she did learn how).  But she, unlike me, did take to spinning.  I seem to recall the two of us working together on some tams.  She spun the yarn and I knit it.  I do appreciate her taking on these poor illustrations of knitters.  Few things annoy us more than portrayals of knitters obviously done by someone who doesn’t know how to knit.*

*Side Note:  When I was a freshman in college, I played Mrs Frank in The Diary of Anne Frank.  There is at least one place in the script with stage directions for her to pick up her knitting.  Now, of course, I already knew how to knit, so the director decided to keep the stage direction as written.  I researched what type of needles and yarn I should use as well as what style I should be knitting (continental, for the record).  The director rolled his eyes and told me no one would care.  I responded, “At least one person will know if I’m doing it wrong.  My mother will be in the audience.”


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