July 22, 2014

I’m finally an official OB patient again.  I had my intake yesterday and saw Lori today.  Even though I’m only 8 weeks, Lori tried to listen for the heartbeat.  When, naturally, she couldn’t hear it, she announced that we’d go around to their old ultrasound so that she could measure it that way.  Yes, she admitted that she wouldn’t do this for most patients.  But I’m not most patients.

This is such a relief.  I mean, I’m glad to be going in for B6 and getting my blood pressure and urine checked twice a week, but there’s only so much care the MAs and LPNs can provide.  It’s a relief to know that people with more specialized training are now also on the case.  Not that there’s really anything they can do right now.  But it’s still reassuring to know that they’re there.

Lori said I definitely look pregnant and my uterus feels pregnant.  She said my cervix looks fine, too.  And the best part?  She said I could wait to take a glucose tolerance test until I’m 22 weeks.  Since I didn’t have it last time and there’s no family history of diabetes (not to mention that the morning sickness makes even the thought of swallowing the Glucerna nauseating), she thinks taking one now just because I’m 36 is unnecessary.  And since they check my urine at least once a week when I’m in for the B6, if I suddenly start spilling sugar, they’ll see it and know that I need a GT test.

And now?  And now we wait.  And try not to vomit.  And try to stay hydrated.  And curse our left sciatic nerve because really?  Sciatica already?

Speaking of morning sickness…  I’m back on the Unisom.  I was really hoping to avoid it, but the Zofran just didn’t cut it.  The Unisom lasts longer.  Sunday was particularly rough, so I decided I really needed to pick up more Unisom.  Here’s hoping my morning sickness doesn’t last for 32 more weeks!  (Okay, only 31.  Planned sections are usually done at 39 weeks, not 40.)


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