What’s Making Me Happy

August 1, 2014

I can’t believe that it’s already August!  My mom always said that summer flies after July 4.  This year that has most definitely been true.

  1. Faygo sparkling water is making me happy.  It’s unsweetened and has just a hint of whatever flavor you choose to buy.  (I prefer lemon-lime or grapefruit.)  It’s been a struggle to find something I can drink in quantity that will sit well and stay down.  This has been the ticket.  It’s water with just enough going on that it doesn’t quite taste like water or sit heavily in my stomach.
  2. We finally got our accreditation decision.  We are fully accredited.  And although we do have a progress report due in March, we were only dinged on 2/3 of a three-part criterion.  The only other criterion we didn’t meet was one of the commendation ones, so we really rocked it this cycle.  (And we knew they weren’t going to be happy with the criterion on which we’ll have to submit the progress report.)
  3. George Takei is an amazing man.  I am regularly overwhelmed by the grace he exhibits in talking about his childhood in the internment camp and his life as a gay man when it really wasn’t acceptable to be gay.  He was on Fresh Air this week.  Enjoy.
  4. One hundred years ago, war was officially declared by Germany this week, and the dominoes of pre-World War I alliances began to tumble.  NPR did a great report about the music that was written during the war and later by composers who served.  The recording of “Over There” sounded a little odd to me.  Then they pointed out that it was Enrico Caruso.  I had no clue that he’d made a recording of it!
  5. And since some of these are kind of serious, here’s a little fun.  Remember Pinky and the Brain?  What if the Brain really said what he was thinking?  Thanks to Betsy for finding this!  Definitely not for children, possibly NSFW!

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