Quite a Happy List

August 15, 2014

  1. Something that I forgot to add last week was this clip from The Daily Show.  Go, Jordan!  Yes, I might have cheered a tad loudly when I saw it…
  2. And another thing I forgot to add last week was this delightful number.  I think every med student should be required to learn this dance.  (My favorite is the pacemaker.)  Thanks to my 11th grade math teacher, Marcia, for sharing!
  3. This one is something that I’ve seen before.  A friend shared it on Facebook this week, and I still find it both brilliant and hilarious.  It is an epic theatre fail, but the actor recovers brilliantly, which is part of what makes it as funny as it is instead of merely painful.  And trust me, it’s one of those fails that has the potential to be painful.  If I have shared this before, well, it’s still making me happy.  Thanks for sharing (even though I’d seen it making the rounds a while ago), Kathy!
  4. Every Friday, the Marketplace Tech Report includes “Silicon Tally” a game where the host and a contestant try to stump each other with numbers from the week’s tech news.  It’s usually funny, but today’s episode actually made me laugh out loud.
  5. Thanks to Lisa for suggesting I read the Goddess Girls books.  I started the first one a couple of days ago, and it’s just the right book for right now.  I’m looking forward to seeing how the author continues to work Greek mythology into this charming middle-grade series.
  6. And I know by the time 2018 rolls around y’all are going to be sick of WWI things making me happy, but it is one of my favorite time periods, so sorry-not-sorry.  I heard this on NPR or the BBC this week and thought it was pretty cool.  (I’m guessing it was the Beeb because I couldn’t find an NPR article about it.)  This violinist enlisted shortly after the war began, took his violin with him, and etched a diary of the battles he was involved in on the back of the instrument.  It was one of those reports that gave me chills.  He might not have been a great musician, and the violin is no Stradivarius, but talk about a priceless instrument!
  7. But the number one thing that is really making me happy this week?  My new granny cart!  Okay, so Amazon technically calls it a “utility cart”.  It has a nice load size, sits tidily on the floor of the backseat of my car.  And the best part?  Stair-climber wheels.  It pulls up stairs and lowers down stairs very easily.  Loudly.  But easily.  Now I’m just rearranging my work bag so that it will fit tidily in.  (My nice big Quad Pack has too big of a footprint for it.  But since I don’t need to put my lunchbag in my backpack anymore, I don’t need to carry my backpack to work.  I can downsize my workbag drastically.  You know, to my Book Pack.  Yes, I have a thing for L.L. Bean bags.  For the record, I’ve used my Book Pack since third grade, and it’s still in good shape.  I think my love is justified.)
  8. Oh, wait!  There is one more thing making me happy this week.  I almost forgot because it’s about next week, but it’s something that happened this week.  Next week’s DD meeting has been canceled.  I don’t have to drive across state next week!  Woohoo!  (This is particularly good because two days after the meeting was originally scheduled, my parents and I will be heading off to the Outer Banks, which involves driving across a LOT more than just Michigan.)

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