It’s Friday!!!

August 22, 2014

Yes, I’m particularly happy today.

  1. I’m officially on vacation for the next two weeks!  On Monday, my parents and I head off to meet my brother and his family in the Outer Banks.  I know that we each have our own room and that there’s a pool.  No clue about wifi.  So maybe you’ll hear from me.  And maybe you won’t.  And maybe you won’t simply because I’ll be too busy eating seafood and lounging by the pool.
  2. Shellfish tends to be low in mercury and fairly safe to consume while pregnant.
  3. Lori wrote me a prescription for 8mg Zofran.  That’s the higher dose.
  4. I had the following conversation with my boss as he was heading out for the week.  (He’ll be leaving for vacation before I get back.)  Dr Z: “I don’t know.  Three weeks.  Have we ever been apart that long?”  Me:  “Yes.  I once left you for a month.”
  5. I had dinner with Meredith and Jenny on Tuesday.  Always good to catch up with old friends.  Yes, they both now know that I’m pregnant.  Meredith thought I looked that way but didn’t ask because one doesn’t ever ask a woman if she’s pregnant.
  6. When I said that I was planning to have a C-section, Meredith’s response was, “Hellz yeah!”  With a high five.  Of course.
  7. Oh, and the following exchange I overheard as some people were walking down the hall by my office.  Person 1:  I have Dixie cups if we need them.  Person 2:  I have paper plates.  Person 1:  It’s soup.
  8. And how can I forget Fiber Fest?  I suppose because it was technically last week, but my mom and I went on Saturday, which puts it in this week’s post.  Jill loved the socks I’d knit out of her Avogadro’s Number colorway.  And since this post will be going up after Mole Day, I can tell you that I’m trying to be good and work on the scarf I’m knitting for my brother’s Pooh Bear out of the leftover yarn.  Trying.  I did kind of cast on a new pair of Cat Bordhi socks.  And unlike the scarf, they aren’t the Same. Every. Single. Row.  I’m being a good girl and only carrying the scarf with me when I go out.  (Yes, I’ll take plenty of other knitting to the Outer Banks.  It’s a scarf for a teddy bear.  It really isn’t going to take me that long to finish.)

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