Better Behaved

September 10, 2014

My 16-week midwife appointment was today. (I’m technically 15 weeks, 6 days today… close enough.) And the little thing behaved much better today than at our 12-week appointment. Lori didn’t even have to search for the heartbeat. She placed the wand on my belly, and we immediately heard lub-dub-thunk, lub-dub-thunk.

Yes, it was moving. A lot. So much that Lori thinks I’ll probably be able to feel it by the end of the week. She recommends lying down after eating and putting pressure on the lower part of my uterus. Haven’t decided if I’ll try that yet or not. Sounds rather nauseating, frankly. I’m thinking I’ll wait to feel it on its own.

And my blood pressure was right back down to where it normally is. I was concerned it would be high today. I’m psyching myself up for the outpouring of well-wishers as Saturday approaches. I appreciate that so many people care, but sometimes people caring makes it hurt more. You know what I mean. And at least this time, unlike Mother’s Day, it’s not just people projecting how they think I should feel. I anticipate that Saturday will be a bit rough.

But, nope, my blood pressure was fine. And I’d gained an appropriate amount of weight. And thanks to my massage last week, my sciatica is under control. And my morning sickness is better. It’s not gone, but it’s not as bad as it was.

So, all in all, a good appointment. And next month? Next month is my 20-week ultrasound! I can’t believe that I’m almost half-way through!


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