A Pretty Good Week

September 19, 2014

It’s not surprising, but I’ll say it anyway.  This week was definitely better than last week.  Sure, last week had a midwife appointment, but it also was the anniversary of Sofia’s birth and death, so all-in-all, it was pretty rough.  This week, though, has been pretty good.

  1. The post about me actually being pregnant has gone up.  So I’m now Facebook public.  (Before it was no longer a secret, but I also wasn’t really saying anything about it.)
  2. We had Family Dinner last night.  It was great fun, and we were in fine form.  Geoff and Bethany and their two girls were up from Texas, and we’ll use any excuse to get together.
  3. This is a pretty interesting discussion of why we see stars in the shape that we do, when we really know that they’re spheres.  You know, “a mass of incandescent gas”.  Or a “miasma of incandescent plasma”.  (Thanks, They Might Be Giants!)  Sure, you could just read Krulwich’s post, but I highly recommend watching the video he includes.  Yay, science!
  4. And speaking of Robert Krulwich’s “Krulwich Wonders” blog…  Do yourself a favor and watch the video included in this post.  Especially if you have a colicky infant.  But maybe not with them anywhere nearby…
  5. Oh, yeah, and then there was this…
Bethany, Me, & Laura sporting our bumps

Bethany, Me, & Laura sporting our bumps

Yep, three of the cousins are pregnant.  Laura and I are due the same week.  Bethany’s due a month later.  (The note on Laura’s belly says “Announcement”.)


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