Monday Randomness

September 22, 2014

In Tech News:  I upgraded both my phone and my iPad to iOS8 today.  It seems to have gone fairly smoothly.  Now to grow accustomed to the quirks of a new operating system…

In Personal Finance News:  You may recall that I paid off my car loan.  Over a year ago.  And since this is the first time I’ve ever actually owned my car, I’d emailed the credit union to find out what happens next.  I was supposed to get something in the mail within 30 days.  You know.  A year ago.  But you also know what else happened a year ago, so the fact that I never received anything from the credit union kind of fell from my mind.  Anyway, I had an FSA check to deposit, so I’d stopped by to take care of that on my way home today.  And as I was walking out, I suddenly thought, “Wait!  You’re in the place where they handle loans!  You should ask about your car!”  I did, and I now officially have a loan termination letter to attach to the title to show that my car is, indeed, mine.  Woohoo!

In Work (ish) News:  The med school has finally had all of its official grand openings.  (Yes, this past week.  Yes, students started a couple of weeks ago.  Yes, the ribbon cutting was back in July.  Don’t ask me.  I just work there.)  There was a public open house on Saturday so that the community could see the inside of this new med school building.  Since we have no clue if there will ever be another one (if I were in charge, this would be an annual thing, but I’m not, so who knows?), my parents definitely wanted to go.  All of the people with big titles were greeting visitors near the entrance.  And, well, we’ll just say they definitely know I’m pregnant now.  And no, I didn’t say anything.  But I’m 17 weeks and look it.  You know the stereotype of “hey, my eyes are up here”?  Well, one of the associate deans (who used to work on my floor before his office was moved to the new building) was reaching out to shake my hand, looked down at the bump, and immediately looked up at my face and just smiled and said something about how long it’s been since he’s seen me.  But there was that brief hesitation that made me, my parents, and my aunt laugh when we talked about it later.

In TV News:  I binge-watched the last 8 hours of The Roosevelts: An Intimate History yesterday.  Unfortunately, it won’t be available online by the time this post goes live, so you’ll have to find it on some paid streaming service or (hopefully) at your local library.  It is probably one of Ken Burns’s best documentaries.  I really enjoyed it.  I’m not positive I managed to stay awake for all of it.  It seems to me that the March of Dimes should have been mentioned, and I don’t remember the phrase even coming up.  But maybe it wasn’t.  (I also don’t remember falling asleep…)  I have to say that I’d admired Eleanor Roosevelt before watching this.  Now I can identify with her.  I remember watching Burns’s Civil War in 7th grade history.  I hope teachers are able to incorporate at least parts of this series into their classes, too.  It truly is an excellent triple biography.


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