Ghost Moon

October 8, 2014

I sat in the car for a while when I got to work this morning and watched the moon set.  And when it was out of view, I walked up to the third floor and found a window in an empty conference room and watched it a bit longer.  And no one seemed to notice either me or the moon.  Which is a pity.

It was a magnificent sight this morning.  The moon in nearly total eclipse sinking out of view as the sun rose on the other side.  And I saw my colleagues walk from their cars to the building without so much as a glance.  I saw college students waiting at the bus stop with their heads buried in their phones.

And meanwhile, a ghostly moon was drifting slowly toward the horizon.  The ghostly galleon of poetic fame.

I just wish I had a westward facing window in my apartment so that I might have watched it longer.


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