Madge & Dorcas Do Their Thang

October 13, 2014

I don’t know why, but I foolishly thought it wasn’t possible.  I mean, I’m an intelligent, educated woman.  But I really didn’t think Madge and Dorcas would get bigger.  And by bigger, I don’t mean that I didn’t know they’d grow when I got pregnant again.  I didn’t think they’d grow more than they did with my first pregnancy.  They’ve outgrown all but one of the bras I picked up at Mastec when I was pregnant with Sofia.

Think about that.  After Sofia was born, they shrunk.  They shrunk to something smaller than their pre-pregnancy size.

So come Saturday morning, I was effectively back down to one bra.  (Okay, I have a few nursing bras, but they’re not underwires, so they really aren’t terribly work appropriate.  Comfortable, yes.  Support, not so much.)

Now, since fall has come to Michigan, and we’re looking at mornings hovering around freezing (or at least we had been until this week when the weather is supposed to be back up in the 60s and 70s… oh, Michigan!), I really needed a coat.  Don’t get me wrong.  My fleece is plenty warm still.  And it’s wonderfully comfortable.  And I love wearing it.  But I like to wear tunic-style sweaters for work.  And there’s something about putting on a long sweater and then a fleece hoodie that really makes one feel unprofessional.  I needed a coat to wear to work.  And my parents said they’d buy me one for Christmas.  And Motherhood has their winter coats in.

Yes, I am now in possession of a very nice wool coat that will last me through this entire pregnancy.  And I should be able to wear it while baby-wearing, too.  (Again, now that I have a coat, it was 55 when I went to work this morning and didn’t need any additional layers beyond my work clothes.  Oh, Michigan!)

And while my mom and I were there, we figured it was worth a shot to try on bras.  Miraculously, we found one.  Unfortunately, it only comes in black.  But the one Mastec bra I have left is nude, so at least this brought me back up to two bras.  I’m not sure what I’ll do if Madge and Dorcas decide to grow much more…


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One response to “Madge & Dorcas Do Their Thang

  1. Nonna Sue

    The girls just want to keep you guessing. Where’s the fun if they are always predictable?!?

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