Three Drops of Blood

October 23, 2014

I told you I’ve been having a bad week. So in keeping with a week full of little things that normally one would be able to brush off, I spotted last night. Three little, teeny, tiny drops of blood. On the toilet paper. One time.

That’s it. Just three drops of blood. No cramps. No contractions. Just three drops of blood. (Honestly, I’ve had more blood come out of my nose from a broken-capillary not-really-a-nosebleed this pregnancy.)

But the Mayo Clinic book doesn’t differentiate between spotting and bleeding in their guidance. And the internet isn’t much use either. Even though I knew what I would find there, I looked. It was what you’d expect.

Oh My God! You’re dying! Go to the ER immediately!

And my brain is saying, “But it’s three little drops of blood. And that’s it. Nothing on the pantyliner. No cramps. I don’t think I need to go to the ER.”

But the Mayo Clinic is saying the same thing. Okay, minus the hyperbole.

And then I remembered that Lori had given me her number. I hadn’t planned on ever using it. It was just reassuring to know that I had it. I got her voicemail and left a message. I figured I’d call Labor & Delivery if I didn’t hear back from her.

But she called back. She’d been the midwife on service, so I would have gotten her if I had called Labor & Delivery. We talked about my symptoms, or lack thereof. She agreed that it could wait until morning. “Maybe it’s a UTI,” she suggested. She told me to call the clinic in the morning to get a lab order. And then she told me she’d tell the midwife who was coming on for the night just in case I needed to call overnight.

And I managed to get some sleep.

After talking to the clinic, I called my mom and asked her to go to the lab with me. This turned out to be a REALLY good plan because the week continued to pester me. I got to the lab, went to take out my driver’s license and insurance card, and discovered that I didn’t have them. I’d never taken them out of the pocket of my market basket. On Saturday. I’ve been driving all week without my license. Fortunately, I’ve been to the lab recently enough that everything was current in the computer, so I didn’t have to go home just so that I could pee in a cup.

The results? Negative. Yup. Still UTI free. No clue what was going on. We’ll just go with Nicki’s suggestion. “Maybe your cervix sneezed.”

P.S. It’s Mole Day today. I’m wearing my new Mole Day socks. I figured that would be plenty of celebration. But apparently my body decided it needed a closer visit with chemistry in honor of Mole Day this year.


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