22 Weeks

October 24, 2014

You already know that this week has been, well, a week.  And I’m really glad that it’s Friday.  And I’m really happy to be curled up on my sofa, in my jammies with my keyboard on my lap.  There were, fortunately, a few high points to the week.

  1. On Wednesday as I was leaving work, two workmen were walking into the building.  The second one saw me coming and stepped back to hold the door for me.  I smiled and thanked him.  “You’re welcome,” he replied.  “Have a nice afternoon!”  And he was genuine and sincere and it was exactly what I needed at that moment.  Honestly, I almost cried as I was walking to my car because it was so nice to have the reminder that, on the whole, people are friendly.
  2. My Small American Woman came on Wednesday.  And not only did she empty the dishwasher and clean the bathroom and dust and vacuum, but she brought Jergens crema for when my belly is itchy.  I already knew that I would get home to the relief of having a tidy apartment.  I wasn’t expecting a pressie, too.
  3. Bridget Lancaster and Jack Bishop from America’s Test Kitchen were on Fresh Air yesterday.  I don’t care that their new book is all about meat meaning the chances of me cooking anything from it are slim.  They are always a delight to listen to.
  4. My parents recently repainted their bathroom.  And so my mom went to Kohl’s to buy new towels.  We’ll just say that she saved a lot of money in buying the new towels…  Any of you who shop at Kohl’s knows what that means.  Anyway, it also meant she had Kohl’s Cash.  What she wanted to spend it on wasn’t an option, so she decided to look and see if they might have new slippers for me.  You see, I’ve been wanting new slippers for a while now.  My winter slippers have a tendency to fall off when I take the stairs, a particularly awkward situation when I’m also toting a laundry basket.  So I’ve been thinking about replacing them with a bootie-style slipper.  And then I put my big toe through the lining, so it really was getting to be time to replace the old slippers.  Anyway, she did find slippers, and they are exactly what I was looking for.  They keep my feet warm, and they don’t fall off.  (And my toe doesn’t go through the lining.)  Oh, and they’re purple! Slippers are even better when they’re at least a little fun!
  5. Sheri’s been having a Jamberry party on Facebook this week.  Yes.  On Facebook.  Not in person.  No need to put on a bra or pants to participate.  And it’s been fun.  And I even won a prize this morning!  Definitely a happy start to my Friday!
  6. Mary had an 11:30 opening for me to get a massage today.  So I took the afternoon off.  And it’s been good.  The massage was good.  I picked up lunch at Shawarma King (falafel and fattoush), so lunch was good.  And then I came home and have been lounging ever since.  And it’s been lovely.  A little knitting, a little shut-eye, a little more knitting.  I definitely needed some respite after this week.

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