Happy November!

November 1, 2014

I woke up this morning and then realized that I’d forgotten to write my traditional Friday happiness post.  But it was Halloween, so it wasn’t my usual Friday routine.

On the whole, last week was much better than the week before.  And I would love to give you a massive list, but that would have required me making a list throughout the week, so I don’t really remember what all made me smile this week.  So here goes…

  1. Halloween at Plainwell Ice Cream.  This is always fun.  Alas, they were out of my favorite cappuccino.  But they weren’t out of salted caramel yet, which is also delicious.  As usual, a wonderful assortment of costumes traipsed through.
  2. I was a snowman for Halloween.  The bump was the bottom ball and the girls were the top ball.  White shirt with buttons sewn on to make the face and buttons.  It made a lot of people beyond me smile.
  3. You may recall the fabulous Milky White Fail YouTube video.  Well, a friend shared this blog of Low Budget Milky Whites.  (Yes, the awesome fail video is included.)
  4. It’s November!  Which means that it’s once again NaNoWriMo time.  This year I plan to write a novel based on a story my great-aunt Bernie told me about something that happened when she was a girl.  In preparation, I asked my mom to make copies of a couple of photos of Aunt Bernie and Grandpa.  When she went to look for those, she also found some handwritten notes my Grandma had made about her nursing training and service during WWII.  Very cool, and I now have a copy of that tucked away with my Cherry Ames books for when I’m working on that project.

Yes, NaNoWriMo does mean that my writing time will be devoted more to noveling and less to blogging.  So if you don’t hear from me frequently, it’s not because I’m not writing.  It’s just that I’m very focused.  Here’s hoping for a 10k weekend!


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