A Sunny Winter

November 6, 2014

I met Dr Winter today. He’s the OB Lori picked out for me. And Lori has done an amazing job of telling the other providers my story so that I don’t have to repeat it each time I see someone new.

We talked about C-sections. We talked about my concerns regarding analgesia and anesthesia. (For the record, when I got my wisdom teeth pulled, the analgesia — the pain killers — worked just fine. It was just the anesthesia — the sleepy-time drugs — that didn’t. Since a section uses a spinal block, the key concern is analgesia.)

He was wonderful. He was reassuring. He made sure that we talked about everything. And above all, he agreed that the surgery is necessary for my mental health. He even went so far as to say that should I go into labor before my scheduled date and should the provider on service refuse to do an emergency section, that we should page him and he would come and do it. Now, I can’t imagine any of their providers refusing to do a section given my history, but it is reassuring to know that Dr Winter has my back.

As far as the bump is concerned, it was at its most uncooperative. It still wasn’t in the best position to image the heart. Or at least to see the ascending aorta. (Dr Winter said that he wasn’t concerned because of what the rest of the ultrasound showed, but he will have another one ordered around 36 weeks.) And, as in the past, the bump refused to move so that Diana could get a better image. But to make it even better, when I was called back to see Dr Winter and the MA went to measure the heartbeat, it took her forever to find it. Why? Why because each time she found it, the bump moved! Little stinker…

So all-in-all this was a good day. And the birthday? It will be either February 19 or February 20. Still waiting to hear from the scheduler for the exact date. I wouldn’t wish this journey on anyone, but I do have to say that the care I have received since losing Sofia has been the most caring and sincere that any patient could ask for. And that is something I wish for all patients, pregnant or otherwise.


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