T-14 Weeks

November 14, 2014

  1. My C-section is officially scheduled for February 20.  It’s really nice to know exactly how many weeks because when my sciatica acts up, I can now think “only 14 more weeks”.
  2. I just got a massage.  This is also sciatica-related happiness.  While Mary isn’t able to fix it, she does get the muscles around where the nerve is compressed to relax so that, while still uncomfortable, it’s not so painful as to be debilitating.
  3. Also, after my massage, Mary told me that she did have a cure for my sciatic.  I just have to wait 14 weeks for it.
  4. It’s winter!  I know.  You’re thinking, “Beth, it’s only November.”  Tell that to the beautiful snow that’s falling outside.  And even though I do get tired of driving in the snow, and I do get tired of the bitter cold like we had last winter, I never get tired of how pretty a snowy winter is.  (Okay, this is probably because I live where there are four seasons.  None of them stick around long enough for me to tire of my favorite parts.
  5. I’m on the downward slope for NaNo.  I should hit 50k sometime next week.
  6. Because of aforementioned snow, I realized I did not have boots I can easily put on while pregnant.  I really need shoes that I don’t have to tie.  This is not so much an issue of not being able to reach my shoes as the fact that act of bending over to tie them nauseates me.  So I now have new boots.  They’re wool and fleece-lined and feel like I’m wearing my bedroom slippers outside.  I love them.  And they’re red, so just looking down at them on my feet makes me happy.
  7. My mom sent me an email about this product from Loyola Press.  As she put it, because they’re Jesuits.  Crazy Jesuits.
  8. Along those lines, a friend who is a Jesuit shared a selfie he and another Jesuit took of their reflection in the knob of their new washing machine.  Told you Jesuits are crazy!  This is why I went to Loyola!
  9. And, finally, thanks to Rams for sharing this delightful Franklin Habit blog post.  I definitely agree about Chicago winters although I think the same holds true on this side of the Lake.  And since this post will be going up in February, it will be a particularly good time for a re-read!

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