T-11 Weeks Not Unhappy

December 5, 2014

It’s been a week.  One of those weeks with lots of little things.  And then my eye started twitching.  (Yes, it’s stopped now.)  So here goes…

  1. I have a friend who is currently going through IVF.  Or rather has just finished another cycle of IVF.  And, yay!, she’s pregnant.  She’s had two miscarriages, so make that a qualified “yay!”  She texted me on Sunday that she’d woken up in a pool of blood.  (Told you it’s been one of those weeks.  First Jenna, now this?)  But she talked to her doctor and was told to still go to her ultrasound appointment on Tuesday to see just how bad it was.  And this is where it turns mostly happy.  They’d transferred three embryos.  The doctor thinks that two implanted.  But only one miscarried.  So despite the bleeding, she’s still pregnant!  Yay!  Mostly!  Still trying to be realistic!
  2. My rice bag made me really happy this week.  I was practically crippled on Tuesday.  My pubic symphysis hurt so much that I could barely walk.  Not that sitting was much more comfortable.  I couldn’t sleep because it hurt so much.  (This would be the day my eye started twitching.)  The heating pad (aka rice bag) helped immensely.  I was still moving a bit slowly on Wednesday, but I was almost back to normal (or what passes for normal given my intermittent sciatica) by Thursday.
  3. My morning sickness was pretty rough the past two weeks.  I’m sure this was partly the stress of Thanksgiving, plus Jenna dying, plus my friend possibly having a miscarriage, plus me not sleeping well…  There were plenty of triggers.  But at my appointment yesterday, Lori asked how many times I was taking an antacid and decided I should add famotidine (aka Pepcid) to my daily anti-nausea regimen.  I’ve only had a few doses so far, but hopefully it will help!
  4. The one thing that really and truly made me laugh that I can still remember is this.  NBC showed a live performance of Peter Pan.  From what I hear it was meh.  NBC is one of the channels I don’t get, so I didn’t see it.  I did, however, hear David Bianculli’s preview of it on Fresh Air.  The preview itself was charming.  But what made me laugh was that he actually describes Mary Martin as Larry Hagman’s mother.  Why is this still making me laugh?  I’m glad you asked.  Gerard Alessandrini, who writes the parodies that make up the Forbidden Broadway collection, wrote a song for “Mary Martin”.  It’s all about how much she hates the fact that, despite her own illustrious career, now people only know her as Larry Hagman’s mother.  The last verse goes, “Though I love him like no other / I am green with envy and awe. / Yes, I’m Larry Hagman’s mother / and I wish that he’d majored in law.”  I have been singing this song for the past two days.  And it makes me giggle every time.

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