T-10 Weeks

December 12, 2014

  1. I’m not wearing a bra right now.  About three hours ago, I determined this was going on the top of my “what’s making me happy” list.  I was really ready to take my bra off at that point.  But, you know, I was at work, and Madge and Dorcas really need to be contained when I’m at work…  It feels really good to have my bra off.  <happy sigh>
  2. I had another really good work collaboration meeting this week.  I feel like I’m getting involved in a bunch of “ask forgiveness” projects.  You may recall that a certain person in authority at our institution at the very least minored (if not had a second major) in micromanagement.  I’m waiting for us to be scolded for taking initiative on some excellent projects that we weren’t asked to do.  But I’m all about asking forgiveness instead of permission if I think it’s a good idea.  I had a meeting with three other departments about adding a new credit type to activities we already offer, which is exactly the sort of thing I think we should be doing.  And everyone else involved had a lot of good ideas, too.  Who cares if a certain higher up decides we should have asked him first?  We’re all thrilled with this expansion of our educational goals.  And isn’t that exactly what we should be doing?
  3. Nicki and I had lunch on Wednesday.  It was really nice to just hang out and talk, clearly seen in the fact that we lost track of time and got back to our respective offices a bit later than originally intended.
  4. Zofran is making me happy this week.  It’s been a rough morning sickness week.  I really do think the famotidine is helping with the acid indigestion, but not so much with the days that lunch has turned into a lump in my stomach.
  5. My mommy made a lovely risotto for dinner last night.  It’s one of the few things I ate this week that both tasted excellent and didn’t leave me feeling nauseated an hour later.  I’m really hoping I pass my glucose tolerance test tomorrow because rice is one of my most reliable foods.
  6. And finally, a couple of links that were interesting/enjoyable.  There was an interesting interview about the history of Hanukkah today.  And Alan Alda was on Science Friday.  How can you not enjoy it?

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