December 19, 2014

I haven’t thrown up in 9.5 hours.  I’m hoping this continues.  I’m not feeling that I will be successful.  At first I thought it was the stress over dealing with the GD diagnosis.  And then I thought it was because my morning sickness (which my mom thinks I should really be calling “persistent nausea”, so I’m thinking I’ll switch to the official diagnosis of “nausea and vomiting during pregnancy” or “NVP”)… So I thought it was because my NVP makes it difficult to eat as much as I’m supposed to to keep my blood sugar in check.  And then half-way through an attempt to eat a dry toasted waffle, my afternoon snack decided it wanted to come back up.  And then around midnight, my stomach decided it didn’t want the mucus and acid that it contained.  And then at 7 this morning, as I was heading out the door, my stomach decided that it really wasn’t empty enough.  So today’s happiness list should be taken with a grain of salt.

  1. Ikea makes awesome barf buckets.  Oh, sure, they advertise them as “batter bowls”, but they’re good for much more than that.  (And if you have a barf bucket and the dry heaves, you can sit on the toilet and throw up simultaneously without worrying about heaving harder than your Kegels can stand.  I speak from experience.)  I used one at my parents’ house when my afternoon snack came back up during dinner.  And I used one at my house when the rest of my stomach contents came up.
  2. The nurse at Borgess Women’s Health thinks I have a stomach flu.  Yes, this is making me happy.  I’d taken my entire arsenal of drugs, and I was still throwing up.  Sure, I feel miserable, but at least there’s a reason everything that usually keeps my NVP in check suddenly stopped working.  (And it also explains the fact that I’d had some mild diarrhea which I’d chalked up to something I ate.)  Anyway, she said they’re receiving a lot of calls and that as long as there’s no decrease in fetal movement and I’m not dehydrated, that standard self-care is the way to go.  (She was also appalled that I called from work.)
  3. Which brings me to the fact that I can work from home.  I put a bunch of files on my jump drive and the files I would need in a document bag (thanks, 4imprint, for the free sample!), and came home.  I worked a bit this afternoon, and I plan to do the same on Saturday and Sunday, which should add up to about a day’s worth of work.
  4. Wendy, my diabetes educator, is pretty awesome, too.  I spoke with her after I spoke with the nurse.  She said that as long as my sugar stays below 200, she’s not worried, and that I didn’t have to worry about eating enough until I was able to eat as normally as my NVP lets me.  I could even go ahead with some of the forbidden foods, namely Vernors, which, frankly, sounds cloying right now.  I’m just not to exceed the maximum number of carbs at any of my “meals”, do my best to figure out when I should be testing my blood sugar, and not worry if any of my levels are high (as long as they’re below 200).  It’s also a relief to be legitimately sick and not sick because I’m trying to eat enough carbs to meet the minimum for each meal; hopefully, this means that when I’m just dealing with the NVP, it will be much easier to hit my targets.

Like I said, a weird list for a normal day, but I don’t feel good, so it’s the little things.  Here’s hoping I’m on the mend.  Now you’ll have to excuse me while I run to the bathroom…


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